Fear and phobia, these two terms are very frequently heard and somehow used interchangeably. In fact, there is much difference between fear and phobia. The team fear actually refers to  the feelings of discomfort, worry when exposed to anxiety provoking objects, stimulus and situations. In contrast to it, phobia refers to the feelings of extreme fear, discomfort and worry as soon as the person thinks about the anxiety provoking stimulus, objects, and situations. The key difference between these two terms is that the fear triggers in the presence of the stimulus while phobia triggers during the anticipation of the stimulus. The fearful stimulus might not be actually present. Both fear and phobia elicit the same physical symptoms and result in activation of fight and flight response of the body. However, the psychological symptoms which are experienced by the individual having phobia are more intense and severe. According to the diagnostic and statistical manual (DSM 5), Specific Phobia Disorder comes under the classification of Anxiety Disorders. The anxiety as a result of phobia can often lead to panic attacks. The phobia requires proper treatment as this impacts the individual daily functioning.

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