Healthy Sleep Habits

Healthy sleep habits are vital for a productive life. Unhealthy sleep patterns lead towards various mental and physical problems. Sleep disturbances and disorders are a result of poor sleep hygiene. You have probably read about different sleep problems and consequences of lack of sleep in one of our blogs i.e., “Sleep Disturbances”. To avoid those sleep problems, one must practice healthy sleep habits.

Most of the clients who come to Parvarish Recovery Center have some kind of sleep issues. Our trained staff helps each client to maintain a proper sleep routine and how to avoid unhealthy habits which lead to  sleep disturbances.

First, let me tell you about some of the unhealthy activities which might lead to  sleep problems:
  • Sleeping late at night
  • Eating just before bed time
  • Consuming coffee late in the evenings and at night
  • Taking naps during late afternoon and in the evenings
  • Watching Tv till late night
  • Using technology gadgets at bed time
  • No proper sleeping routing
  • Heavy work out / exercise near bed time
  • Having unhealthy mid-night snacks
  • Eating a lot at the dinner time or in supper
  • Drinking tea after dinner
  • Alcohol and other stimulant drugs/chemicals which disturbs sleep
  • Uncomfortable bedding
  • Lot of fluid intake before bed time
  • Partying late night
  • Making bedroom your workplace
  • Working till late night
Now, let me give you a couple of healthy habits for good night sleep:
  • Pick a sleep time and follow it. Sleep at the same time every day. Wake up at the same time daily even on Sundays. Have a proper routine. This way you can have a set pattern for a night time sleep.
  • Take light meals in the evenings and for dinner.
  • Avoid tea and coffee after 7pm or after dinner.
  • Stop consuming alcohol and other chemicals which are bad for your sleep and health.
  • If you need to take a nap during the day, make sure to take a small nap and try to take it early in the afternoon. Evening naps disturbs sleep cycle in the brain.
  • Do not watch Tv after dinner.
  • Do not use technology gadgets before bed time.
  • Exercise regularly but not before bedtime. Just stretch your muscles a little bit before going to bed to have some relaxation. If you have to do workout then do it at-least 2 hours before bed time.
  • Practice yoga/meditation.
  • Taking deep breaths before bedtime also relaxes the brain and body.
  • Do not check your emails or work in your bedroom. Make your bedroom your sleeping place and not a workplace.
  • Use comfortable beddings.
  • Wear relaxed clothing. Avoid clothes which are too tight or uncomfortable while sleeping.
  • Drink enough water but not too much before bedtime. Use the washroom before going to bed to minimize sleep disturbance.
  • Eat healthy. Do not take mid night snacks. If you are really hungry than eat a small fruit like kiwi or a few nuts like pistachio.
  • Drinking warm milk before bedtime helps in maintaining sleep.
  • Avoid taking red meat in dinner.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet throughout the day.
  • Take a good 7-8 hours’ sleep every night.

If you will follow the above healthy habits, you will not face sleep issues. But, even after following these tips, if you feel that you still have sleep problems or wake up tired even after getting 8 hours of sleep, then do consult us at P-R-C.

People with Substance Use problems face a lot of issues related to sleep even after stop using drugs or alcohol. At Rehabilitation Centers, we help each client to practice good sleeping habits which helps them to overcome their post-acute withdrawal sleep issues. It is not only the people who use drugs or alcohol face sleep disturbances/problems, even those who do not use any kind of hazardous chemicals  may also have issues related to their sleep. We, at PRC Clifton Karachi, are here to help you or anyone you know who have sleep problems, SUD or any other mental health issues. Call us at 0341-1959599 or visit our treatment rehab center in Karachi or Islamabad for more information and services.

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