In this article, we will talk about what psychological services are, where you can get these services, and what kind of services are provided by PRC Rehabilitation Center.


Psychological services are provided by psychologists. Here, one important thing is to understand the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists. Many people are confused between the two major mental health professions; that is Psychologist and Psychiatrist, and use these terms interchangeably. They are very different and should be considered separately.


Psychologists and psychiatrists are both mental health professionals and often work in collaboration for the well-being of patients/clients with mental health issues. They both can work in clinics, private and government hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient treatment facilities, psychiatric hospitals, prisons, courts, and NGOs, and do private practices as well as research in the mental health field. Both understand the physiology (working) of the brain.

The difference between psychologists and psychiatrists is in their training, education, and treatment provision. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in the field of “Psychiatry”. Psychologists do BS, MS, and Ph.D. Psychologists are not doctors. They can call themselves doctors after completing their Ph.D.

Psychologists cannot prescribe medication as they are not doctors, while psychiatrists being medical doctors treat mental illness through prescribing medication and in severe cases electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Psychologists treat people through “Talk therapy” which is known as psychotherapy and counseling. There are no side effects of talk therapy but of psychiatric medications.

Psychiatrists diagnose mental illnesses through MRI, CT, PET, SPECT scans, and laboratory tests. Psychologists diagnosed by doing psychological assessments, interviews, and behavioral observations and by mental status examinations (MSE). Psychiatrists work on the physical and mental aspects of a disease/disorder/sickness. Psychologists work on the client by focusing on the thoughts, feelings, mental traumas, emotions, and behavioral interventions. Psychologists dig deep down and also work on relationships and family dynamics as well as on cognitions, Intelligence (IQ), Emotional quotient (EQ), and Sociability (SQ).

Psychologists work for mild to moderate illnesses and psychiatrists treat moderate to severe mental illnesses as severe conditions cannot be treated without medications. It is always recommended that patients should visit both psychiatrists and psychologists.


Psychology is a vast field, it is not only related to the treatment of mental disorders, but it is also applied to normal daily life issues such as exam anxiety, time management, or enhancing confidence. Psychologists are of many different types. Some of the common psychologists are as follows:

CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGISTS: Professionals who provide assessment and treatment of mental disorders. They work in NGOs. Rehab centers, clinics, treatment facilities, hospitals, and practice privately.

EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGISTS: Psychologists perform research through data collection by using different scientific methods. They work in research centers and universities, in collaboration with statisticians and many other types of psychologists and other occupations as well.

EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGISTS: Psychologists who work on the learning processes and how they create challenges for learners, especially young children. They work closely with teachers in schools, colleges, education/syllabus boards, and universities as well as in research centers.

CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST: Psychologists who work with adolescents and children to identify their problems, emotions, and overall well-being. They work in collaboration with educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, and social workers.

CRIMINAL/FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST: They apply their knowledge in legal and criminal justice systems. They work in courts, adult and juvenile correctional, prisons, forensic mental health services, child protection, violence counseling services, alcohol and drugs services, rehabilitation centers, and with police.

MILITARY-PSYCHOLOGISTS: They provide their services to the military people to help them adjust to their environments and to deal with their emotional issues.

INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGISTS: they work for the productivity and efficiency of employees in an organization.

There are more than 70 types of psychologists who need to study their specialized fields in Master’s and Ph.D. It is not possible to write about all of them in a single blog. We will discuss them in any other blog.


Psychological services are the services that a psychologist provides according to his/her field of specialization.

PRC rehabilitation center is basically an addiction and psychiatric rehabilitation center where we provide treatment and management of alcohol and drug addiction along with other services such as counseling and psychotherapy for mental health-related problems. PRC has hired Clinical psychologists to provide their services for both, admitted clients and those who visit regularly for guidance.

Clinical psychologists of PRC Rehab provide the following services specifically:

  • Clinical interviews/Intakes and MSE
  • Screening and Assessment
  • Family counseling and psychoeducation
  • Evidence-based treatment plans and treatments
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Psychotherapy and psychological well-being
  • 12-step facilitation
  • Relapse prevention
  • Personal growth
  • Purpose in life
  • Crisis intervention
  • Self-care, time, stress, and money management
  • Put-patient counseling/therapy
  • Follow-ups

If you want to know more about our services, please call us at 0341-1959599 or visit our centers.