PRC services to clients
primary & secondary services.

Our Primary Services:

  • Clinical Interview/Intake:A clinical interview is a detailed history of the client’s presenting problem that helps our professional team diagnose and plan action for the client. It is a preliminary step as it gives us a deep understanding and insight on the client’s history which allows us to devise an individual behavior plan. This plan caters to the concerns and requirements of the patient and the family, and helps establish rapport with them. It lays the groundwork for the entire behavior plan. This helps us understand the client’s strengths and weaknesses so that they can be addressed and used to the best of the client’s interest.
  • Screening and assessment: Screening is a process for evaluating the possible presence of a substance in an addict and addressing the problems faced by the disease of addiction. For proper diagnosis of the disease, it is essential to conduct some comprehensive psychological tests. For this purpose, our team of qualified and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists come together to conduct the initial screening which provides further clarity in diagnosing the disease. This step is pivotal for planning medication and therapy required for the effective action of the client.
  • Evidence-based treatment plan:: A action that is backed up by scientific evidence (studies have been conducted and research has been documented on particular treatments, which have been proven successful).
  • Family counselling: We equip the families with effective strategies and planning to help their loved one navigate through the challenges and obstacles that he/she may experience during and after the action. We at PRC services believe in providing emotional support and counselling to the families by addressing their concerns and incorporating them into our behavior plans. We believe the family plays an important role in the overall wellbeing and efficacy of the process of recovery. We create awareness not only of the disease but also of the importance of treatment among the family members. The family is then able to provide support and strength to the client as he/she embarks on a journey to recovery.
  • One on One therapy: Individual therapy is a means of growth and healing for the clients. We at PRC provide ongoing one on one therapy and counselling which helps to break down barriers interfering with the clients’ emotional and mental wellbeing. Our therapists provide a safe environment to the clients where they open up about their sufferings and share their life struggles without the feeling of being judged. Our therapists support our clients in making life-changing decisions and serve as a listening ear. They provide specific and effective strategies to deal with unwanted thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.
  • Psycho-education groups: Psycho-education is a part of the treatment where we create awareness and educate our clients to gain a better understanding of their disease. It also aims at empowering the clients by providing education through information sharing, focusing on the development and use of healthy coping mechanisms. We at PRC focus on mental health conditions and provide guidance to the clients about potential triggers, cravings, development of healthy coping mechanisms, and avoidance of pitfalls in the future. We conduct successful and interactive sessions on Disease Concept, Acute, and Post-Acute Withdrawals, Defense Mechanisms, Craving and its management, Relapse process, Relapse, Trigger Management, Trauma, Feelings, and Behaviors disruptive for recovery, Shame, and Guilt, 12 steps understanding, 10 tasks for the addicts, 10 tasks for the family, Communication Skills, suppressed feelings, Goal Setting, etc.
  • 12 Step Facilitation: Twelve-step assistance cure is a functioning commitment system intended to bring about an overall improvement in a substance abuser under the supervision of a counselor or therapist.
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy is a core aspect of cure. By sharing stories and experiences of each other, clients can relate and gain the perspective they need to continue in recovery. These sessions help the clients reconnect and gain insight on their disease. It gives them motivation on another level. Giving and gaining support from others with similar issues is an effective way of finding insight, relief, and confidence during rehab and recovery.
  • Relapse prevention: Relapse prevention is a cognitive-behavioral approach to relapse with the goal of identifying and preventing high-risk situations. To prevent relapse, we help our clients to identify their triggers and to make a plan of action. The client’s strengths, willpower, motivation, and resilience are increased to give a sense of contentment and satisfaction with life. Following key constructs complement our approach towards relapse prevention:
    • Psychological Wellbeing
    PRC provides continued therapeutic assistance to induce a positive attitude towards oneself; converting shame into healthy shame and enhance self-esteem.
    • Personal Growth
    We ensure that feelings of continued development, openness to new experiences and challenges, and being honest to one’s recovery is part of the takeaways from PRC.
    • Purpose in Life
    We provide constant support and motivation through personalized therapies and support groups to allow them to establish a goal or objective to look forward to. We foster hope and encouragement in our clients, enabling them to achieve their ultimate meaning and purpose in life. • Social Wellbeing Clients’ needs for social interaction are met during their stay at PRC via support group sessions and the need for relatedness is fulfilled by close and positive connection to others which they carry on.
  • Crisis Intervention: With regard to those people dependent on medications and liquor, emergency intercession is frequently required if these exercises are definitely hurting both such individual's reality and the lives of everyone around them. This sort of mediation is regularly performed by a certified pro and plans to feature the various outcomes that substance misuse has had on the individual and the individuals who care about them.
  • Fitness and Nutrition: PRC focuses not only on the treatment of the disease of addiction and other psychiatric disorders but on the fitness and health wellness of its clients by engaging them in meditation therapies and exercise. We make sure to provide them with a meal plan which incorporates all the vital nutrients in their diet. Yoga is also an essential part of treatment as it helps prevent relapse, reduce withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, and provides a healthy outlet to cope with potential triggers and daily life stressors.

Our Secondary Services:

  • Follow up/ Extended Aftercare
  • Half-Way House
  • Outpatient Counselling/Therapy
  • Holistic Counselling
  • Group Therapy Sessions