Stress is one of the leading factors towards drugs and alcohol addiction. Stress is also considered an enemy for recovery. If recovering addicts does not work on to manage their stress, then this stress takes them towards the path of relapse. At PRC, our trained professionals help recovering addicts to deal and manage with stress effectively. Recovering’s just have to follow the guidelines of recovery and practice stress management techniques, to keep themselves in recovery.

Stress is natural and everybody feels it. Its normal to feel stress. Stress is basically a response of our brain and body to some unpleasant, threatening or challenging situation or environment. Stressors are the events, situations, people, things or memories that are undesirable or threatening to one’s peace of mind. When a person thinks positively and deals effectively with the stressors, stress will go away. Otherwise, stress will make the person worry, overthink negatively and takes away the peace from his/her life.

When someone feels stress, stress hormones are released in his/her body and the “flight-fight-freeze” response in the brain starts. This response prepares a person to either deal with the situation effectively, runs away from that situation or to get freeze there. This is the response which is the cause of panic attacks or anxiety related disorders. Chronic stress leads to frequent activation of this response which is harmful for the brain and body.

Long time stress can lead to several health conditions such as blood pressure, heart problems, anxiety, depression, stroke, sexual problems and skin diseases. It is one of the hurdles for women in getting pregnant. It is also a contributing factor for asthma, obesity, severe headache like migraine, upset stomach, diabetes, substance use disorders, personality disorder and other mental health conditions.

Stressors or triggers of stress are different for each individual. It could be any adverse life event such as death, divorce, poverty, joblessness or any normal life changing situation such as getting married. Stressors vary from person to person. To deal effectively with the stress, one should have to identify their stressors first. Then he/she should consult any mental health professional to have stress management sessions. At P-R-C, we have qualified, well trained and professional psychologists who help clients to manage their stressors. Apart from psychologists, at Clifton Karachi, there are psychiatrists who can help manage the chronic stress through medication too.

Stress is not always bad; it can be helpful sometimes too. Depending on the situation or event, stress could be positive or it could be negative. Broadly, we can say that stress has two main types:



Positive stress or good stress is called as eustress and negative and bad stress is known as distress.

Positive stress helps us to find solutions to problems. It can be due to good life events too. One wheeling on bike is an example of eustress as it releases adrenalin in the brain which causes effects like dopamine (dopamine is happiness hormone). Adrenaline rush keeps a person energized but it also causes shaking of hands and legs.  It is known for producing excitement and fun.

Distress is the stress which destroys the quality of peaceful life. It causes problems. It is severe stress which could be long time or short time. This type of stress is extremely uncomfortable and dangerous sometimes.

Distress could be acute (short term) or chronic (long term). Examples of distress include divorce, death of loved one, abuse or diagnosed with a fatal disease such as AIDS.

Beside these two major types, stress can also be of following types:

Psychological Stress (Related to cognition and emotions. Its internal stress as it is related to negative thoughts. Example: shame, jealousy, resentment, fear)

Psychosocial Stress (Its external, environmental stress emerging from social relations. Example: conflict, isolation, bereavement)

Physical Stress (It is related to body. Example: pain, injury, illness, addiction, fatigue or pollution)

Time Stress (It is related to time. You have less time and more work to do. It is a negative pressure if you are unable to meet the deadlines for office work)

Anticipatory Stress (It is the stress of worrying and obsessional thinking that what will happen)

Encounter Stress (It is the stress which you feel when you have to encounter some threatening situation)

Stress also occurs due to frustration, change and burnout. These three things are dangerous for recovery as well.

If you feel stressed, you need to relax yourself. With stressful mind, you cannot solve problems. If you are unable to manage or deal with your stress, you should visit a mental health professional before it starts to ruin your life.

If you yourself or know anyone suffering from addiction, stress or other mental health problems, you can refer them to PRC Rehab Karachi. For more information regarding our services feel free to call at 0341-1959599 or visit our treatment rehabilitation centers.

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