Everyone loves beautiful weather. Most people get irritable in hot weather, but the cold weather makes people sad.

Have you ever noticed that with the change in weather, your mood also changes?

In Pakistan, we observe all four seasons i.e., Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. In many countries Summers and Springs are of shorter duration, and the people living there observe Fall and Winter more throughout the year. Absence of sunshine makes them sad. They actually suffered from a type of depression which effects only people living in colder areas.

Too much of anything is not good. Same is for seasons and weather. People living in Karachi does enjoy rainy weather a lot. They enjoy the weather by cooking special dishes when rain falls. On the other hand, people are living in Islamabad does not enjoy rain much, because it’s like a routine for them. Everything can be enjoyed when it is in moderation.

Have you observed that the people living in hot weather areas are short tempered as compared to people living in colder climates? According to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by American Psychiatric Association, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a depressive disorder which is caused by the cold weather, when there is lack of sunshine. People get affected by this from October till April. Because of lack of sunlight, many bodily functions get affected such as hormones, brain chemicals, appetite, sleep and lack of energy and desire particularly for sex.

PRC Rehab is an addiction treatment rehabilitation center, but we also provide psychotherapy and counseling for people suffering from depression and other mental health problems. We also contribute in the spread of mental health awareness by educating families who visit our centers. PRC is also active on social media platforms for educating the general population regarding addiction and other mental health related issues including depression.


We have already discussed about mood in one of our previous blogs. Now let us tell you about the effect of weather on mood.

Professor David Watson (University of Iowa), who is a psychologist, did researches on mood and found out that mood is linked to weather conditions including sunshine, precipitation and temperature. Every person has a preference for weather condition; some like it warm, some cold and some wet, humid or dry. Regardless of the weather choice, people who are exposed to long dark hours without sunlight suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD actually disturbs the sleep routine. Lack of bright sunlight causes low production of sleep hormones and happiness hormones (Serotonin).

Vitamin D is a vitamin which we get from sunlight. Its deficiency does not only cause physical problems but also it is related to mental health. Lack of Vitamin D may cause Diabetes, Heart problems, increased cancer risk, bones problems and lack of immunity. Vitamin D is also helpful in the production of Serotonin as well as in regulation of normal brain functions. In colder countries, doctors always prescribe Vitamin D supplements to the general people to avoid health problems.

We, Pakistanis are blessed to have sunshine and that is the reason, people of Pakistan do not face Vitamin D problems much as compared to people living in colder areas. But that does not mean that we do not get affected by any kind of depression. There are a lot of people who are struggling with depression and other mental illnesses in Pakistan. We, at Rehab are ready to help you live a normal healthy life by providing psychoeducation, counseling and psychotherapy.


Sunshine plays a vital role in overall well-being of an individual. But, too much of hot weather makes people sick too; heat stroke is an example. As we already mentioned that everything is good in moderation but too much of anything could be bad for health.

Help us in bringing sunshine in the life of those who are suffering from mental illnesses and addiction by referring them to Rehabilitation Center.

People who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction could also suffer from too much of weather changes during their post-acute withdrawal phase of recovery. As we know, weather can affect our mood. So, recovering addicts should keep a check on their mood and things that effect their mood, as mood swings can be a factor for relapse. There is a lot of probability of people with addiction issue to have other mental health problems.

If you know anyone with a mental health or addiction issue, you can refer them to Parvarish Recovery & Treatment Center or ask their family to reach us at 0341-1959599.

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